Thursday, 29 October 2015

Finished hand sculpture

Last time I posted I was very close to finishing the hand sculpture, and in fact I've had these photos and been meaning to post them for a while, but various things got in the way.


The late, great Brian Sewell once said of Damien Hirst that "all his ideas were borrowed from things seen as a boy on frequent prowlings in the university’s anatomy museum before, at 19, he left Leeds for London."  Substitute internet for anatomy museum (I should be so lucky), and that's a pretty fair description of my own creative process.

The hand is the focal point of this composition, and since it's highly detailed I've balanced it with a very simple background - just a plain canvas and a thumb print.  There isn't any reason why it's a thumbprint specifically, it's just that the linear nature of a thumbprint ties in nicely with the linear linear blood vessel structures on the hand.  In general, I like to think the composition works fairly well.

I've really enjoyed this relief sculpture, and I have ideas for a couple of others.

Monday, 19 October 2015

More on the thumb print

I've made some more progress on the thumb print I discussed last time.  From this angle you can see the shape of the ridges and how they blend into the canvas.  I wanted them to look as if they were part of the canvas rather than simply stuck onto it, and overall I think I achieved that fairly well.

From a more traditional viewing angle, the thumbprint shape is reasonably subtle.  It's a background, after all, and I don't want it to overpower the whole composition.

Next time I post, I probably will have finished this piece and will have some nice finished photos to show you.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What to do with that hand, now I've made it?

I want to make a relief to hang on the wall with my skeletal hand.  It's a simple composition which just involves the hand superimposed on top of a thumb print.  Currently the thumb print is about half complete.

Though it's a little hard to see in that photo, the whorls of the thumb print emerge from the canvas background a little like the ripples that happen when you drop a stone into water.  

I've done this by taking the same lengths of wire wrapped in paper that I used to make the hand's vascular system, gluing them onto a canvas, then using paper to build up the forms and blend them into the canvas surface.

First stage of making the thumb print: wire ridges glued onto the canvas background.

The background looks black,  but is actually indigo.  It looks black in person, as well as to the camera, but it is richer and deeper than black acrylic, and it does a better job of blending into the blue and red tones I'm using to paint the thumb print.  These are the same colours that I used on the blood vessels of the hand, which will hopefully tie the whole thing together.

The thumb print, of course, is my own.  I took a print and blew it up on the photocopier to make it easier to see, then used that to copy the ridges.