Finished hand sculpture

Last time I posted I was very close to finishing the hand sculpture, and in fact I've had these photos and been meaning to post them for a while, but various things got in the way.


The late, great Brian Sewell once said of Damien Hirst that "all his ideas were borrowed from things seen as a boy on frequent prowlings in the university’s anatomy museum before, at 19, he left Leeds for London."  Substitute internet for anatomy museum (I should be so lucky), and that's a pretty fair description of my own creative process.

The hand is the focal point of this composition, and since it's highly detailed I've balanced it with a very simple background - just a plain canvas and a thumb print.  There isn't any reason why it's a thumbprint specifically, it's just that the linear nature of a thumbprint ties in nicely with the linear linear blood vessel structures on the hand.  In general, I like to think the composition works fairly well.

I've really enjoyed this relief sculpture, and I have ideas for a couple of others.