Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Finished haootia quadriformis sculpture

The haootia quadriformis sculpture is finished.  To recap for the benefit of any readers who haven’t read my previous blog posts, haootia quadriformis is a small marine animal similar to (and likely related to) modern jellyfish, which lived 560 million years ago during the Ediacaran period.  

Ediacaran life forms are very interesting to me as a sculptor because they’re just so weird.  Haootia is actually one of the less strange ones, but it still makes for an interesting sculpture.

As I said yesterday I did retouch some of the paint.  I didn't change it very much though, just evened out the colours a bit.  

Here it is from the side.  You can see the haootia's body projecting slightly from the surface of the background, however you can't see the whole body.  Haootia had a little stalk and a disc shaped foot, which is not shown in this sculpture.

I decided against varnishing it, even with matte varnish, because any varnish would change the sculpture's texture and I like the texture as it is.  

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