Just for fun

No, I haven't abandoned this blog, nor have I stopped making sculpture.   I've just been really,  really slack about posting.  For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me I've been having something of a creative dry spell and I have a largish project that I started on, but which just doesn't seem to be coming together.  Eventually I thought screw it, I'll just play around with some fun things instead.

One result of this was a number of little paper beads made to look like shark vertebrae.

Shark vertebrae have a really cool texture along the side, made from tiny bone septa (ridges).  This is primarily what attracts me to them; the texture is interesting and I wanted to see if I could reproduce it in paper.

For comparison, here are some real shark vertebrae.  The little holes you see in the picture are where the vertebral spines would have attached when the shark was alive.  I included vertebral spines on the ones I made.

Image found here.