Wrist bones

Following on from the finger bones in my last post, here are the wrist bones.  Overall I think they're quite successful.  Making them out of paper gives them a slightly rough texture that I like to think works well for bone.

Yes, all eight wrist bones are present and each is made individually because in fact it's easier that way.  They start out as paper blobs, and then I gradually refine the shape with several more layers of paper.  I find it's best to make a basic shape first and let that dry, then go back and build up the shape in layers, because each layer of paper shrinks as it dries.  In the next photo you can see the wrist bones halfway through this process.  I've done the first four, and I'm starting on number five.

Next, the hand needs part of the radius and ulna bones, and then comes the hard part: painting it.