Zombie muscle tissue

I'm always fascinated by anatomy, but I haven't really looked at muscle tissue before.  One of the fun things about a zombie project is that zombies are often shown with damaged skin, and muscle showing underneath, so this is a great opportunity to look at what's underneath the skin of a person's face.

For reference, here's a diagram of the human facial muscles:

Image helpfully provided by Wikipedia.

See how the muscle tissue is ridged?  We can replicate that really easily with paper mache.  All I've done is tear a piece of tissue into strips and twist the strips into little paper cords.  Glue a bundle of these cords onto some paper, and you have a strip of muscle tissue.

This is then stuck into place on the draugr's face.  A bit of connecting tissue, some ripped skin over top, and the job is done.

After applying the muscle, but before applying the skin.

After applying some skin.