Zombie eyes

Cloudy white eyes are a zombie theme that really appeals to me for some reason, so that's what I'm going for here.  I don't know if dead eyes are actually cloudy white, but it looks cool.  On the right here we have the original test eye, and on the left is the final eye, which I think is a better version.  The colours are blended better in the eye on the left.

They're made from resin cabochons that went a bit wrong and are full of bubbles, making them unsuitable for the taxidermy-type eyes I normally make.  They're fine for white zombie eyes though.  

The first step in making these eyes is to stick a thin layer of tissue to the cabochon with polyurethane.  If you want to make your own, be aware you have to be careful as the tissue will tear easily.  It's exactly the same principle as the translucent membranes I made for the dragon project.

The bubbly cabochons.  Quite a lot of bubbles, as you see.  Resin and I don't always get on very well.

Cabochon with a layer of tissue over it.

So far so good, but it's not finished yet.  Once the polyurethane dried I painted an iris on the eye in thin blue-grey paint.  It's exactly the same colours of paint I used for the skin so far: ultramarine, burnt umber, and burnt sienna.  There's a lot more blue in this mix though.  Using the same paint colours helps the eye to blend in with the rest of the face.  The iris is darkest in the center, then gradually fades out into the white paper that covers the eye.

The finished test eye.

I finished up by adding a couple more layers of paper and polyurethane around the iris, but not over the cornea.  This makes a contrast between the cornea and the rest of the eye.  The whole eye is clouded over, but it gives an impression of the different parts of the eye underneath whatever made it cloudy.