The screaming skull

Once the whole thing is done, I'll add surface texture for the skin.

This post is all about making the soft tissue around the mouth of the draugr.  Basically, it's a case of setting the mandible firmly in place and then building up the shapes of the skin and muscles around it.  I quite like this process because this is the point where the head starts to get a bit of personality.

I like to build the mouth from the inside out, which means the first thing I need to do is line it with paper coloured appropriately for the inside of the mouth.  Once it's finished, it isn't possible to paint the inside.

After that I build up the tissue on the outside of the mouth and face.  There are a few teeth missing on the left side of the mouth, and I've reflected that by sculpting some damage to the mouth on that side.  The skin on that side of the face will be torn and some of the muscle will be visible underneath - I'll talk about how I do that in the next post.