Putting the finishing touches on the zombie face

So far I've made the zombie's mouth, nose, and eyes.  Obviously, the next job is ears.

I quite like making ears, because they're interesting.  Ears have all sorts of curves and bends, which makes them quite entertaining from a sculptor's point of view.  Especially when the subject is a zombie and it doesn't matter if the ears come out looking a bit wonky.

This one's not too wonky though.

In fact, my ears start with a simple twist of paper held in place with masking tape.  This gives me the outer curve of the ear more or less, and acts as a platform for me to build the rest of the ear on top.

This is the basis for the ear.  I simply glue it onto the head and go from there.

Doing the ears took ages though, because every so often I had to stop and dry out the ear before I did any more.  Unfortunately, this meant I didn't get as much done on the zombie tonight as I'd planned.  I'd hoped to make a start on the neck.  As it was, I only got a paper tube stuck on there to make the armature for the neck.