Moving further up the zombie's face, it's now time to install the eyes.  Like the mouth, I like to do these from the inside out.  The inside of the eyelid is brown paper with a line of eyelashes made from hairbrush bristles.  Hairbrush bristles are ideal for making eyelashes.

Unfortunately, these are the only photos of this step that came out properly.  It seems the camera eye has trouble seeing what's going on with the eyelids at this stage.  It's probably operator error, since I belong to the "point, click, and hope" school of photography.  However, the pictures do show how I positioned each eye in its socket and built the shape of the eyelid over top of it.  As in real life, each eye has a top lid and a lower lid.  I glue the lower lids in place first, then curve the upper lid over top.

Doing the top and bottom lids separately is important, because they curve in different ways and it really is a lot easier to get the bottom lids glued in position and dried so they won't move about, and then move on to the top lids.  Trying to concentrate on both at once is a nuisance.

The next step will be to build up the outer skin around the eyelids.