Starting on the second fish

I debated making my second fish the same type as the first, but I get bored easily and I didn't want to make another fish skull.  Instead, I thought a cyclostome would be interesting.  Cyclostome means "circular mouth", and they're a kind of primitive fish that have teeth but no jaw bones.  The lamprey is a cyclostome, as is the hagfish.

The paintwork needs a lot of revision.  The teeth need to be more yellowy and the flesh needs to be less yellowy.

What you're seeing there is the mouth of the second fish.  I haven't yet shaped the head or any of the body.  It's easier to get the mouth done before I start on the outside of the head because once it's tucked away inside the animal it becomes hard to reach.  There isn't really much detail inside the mouth.  It's a primitive sort of animal, so its anatomy really doesn't need to be too complex.

Looking straight into the mouth.  You can see I haven't put much detail inside it.

I quite like this last photo.  For some reason my fingers are in focus but the mouth is slightly blurred, so it looks as if it was moving when I photographed it.