Some more fish, finally

Yeah, I know.  I like to update this blog more frequently, but I just haven't been in the right headspace lately.  But yesterday I did take a look at the fish skull, and started giving it a body.

I had to paint the skull first because the mummified skin will partially cover it.  You can see I've started to apply some skin to the fish and added a faint suggestion of ribs underneath the skin.  This is done in layers.  The ribs are applied to the side of the fish, then skin is applied over top of them.

Skin texture is one of my favourite things to sculpt.  I like to use layers of tissue moulded to shape with a brush dipped in thin glue.  It's a little like painting in 3D.

Next time I'll probably take a look at fins, which are lots of fun to make, but I've also reached the stage where I need to think about what the fish has swallowed.  Although I want to sculpt this fish in the act of eating another one, I haven't yet decided what the other fish should look like.