The harpy in colour

In some ways I'm quite excited to see what the harpy will look like painted.  I have a feeling it will be much better with some colour.  White really doesn't suit it.

Let's take a look:

Yeah, much better.  I like how the eyes contrast with the brown, desiccated skin.  Now I've painted the head its eyelashes are much less obvious, and that's how they should be.  They aren't supposed to be the center of attention, they're supposed to be the kind of detail you might not notice immediately.

Before it was painted, I thought it had a kind of "Dr. Seuss" look to it.  Now I think it looks more "George Romero".  That's a good thing.  Dr. Seuss is awesome, but not what I had in mind for this project.

I'm playing around with the idea of giving it feathers.  I won't cover the whole head in feathers, but maybe I will give it a feather crest.  Perhaps something a bit like the crest on a bald ibis.