Interesting fish

I love fish, and not just on a plate with fennel and oregano.  I like to visit aquariums and go snorkeling while on holiday, and I have three goldfish at home.  I like to watch them swimming around, and so does the cat.

Artistically, I find fish fins very interesting to make.  Their skeletal anatomy is very interesting too, but I've never made a fish skeleton.  Time to change that, I think.  My next project is going to explore fish anatomy.  I'm thinking I might actually do two fish.  You've probably seen the black swallower; most of the internet has.  This deep sea fish is famous for its ability to swallow things larger than its own body.  Occasionally it overreaches itself and tries to eat something just that little bit too big.

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Fish are greedy little buggers and the black swallower is by no means unique in trying to eat things that turn out to be too big for it.  This fossil from the Green River Formation is an Eocene period fish that died when it tried to swallow another fish that was too big to get down its throat.  It wasn't able to spit out the smaller fish.

Green River fossil fish
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I'm pretty sure I've also seen a Devonian fossil fish that met its end the same way, but I can't find it on the net.  Anyway, I think "fish meets a sticky end as a result of over-ambitious eating" might be an interesting sculpture theme.