Sculpting eyelids, with particular attention to the eyelashes

As you can see there's still a lot to do on this sculpt, but you'll be able to get an idea of where I'm going with it, and I think making eyelashes is quite an interesting process so I'm going to blog about it.

These are doll eyes.  I got a bag of them online a while back, thinking they would be perfect for the harpy.  I stuck them in the appropriate place and got started on the eyelids.  These are fun to do.  Look carefully, and you will see the lids come complete with eyelashes.  In this case the eyelashes are made from hairbrush bristles, but any kind of appropriate bristle will get the job done.  I don't recommend using false eyelashes though.  Whatever you do with them, they look like - well, like false eyelashes.

Eyelashes aren't hard to make.  I start by gluing the hairbrush bristles along a strip of brown paper.

Then the eyelash strips get arranged around the eyes and glued in place, and the eyelids are sculpted up over top of them.