Lovecraft's creature From Beyond

I finally made myself get out the paint tubes and finish the Beast from Beyond.  I think it's a fairly good response to Propnomicon's challenge.

As you can see I used a lot of dioxazine purple and white paint, and I'm pleased with how that turned out.  Whenever I make these things I keep telling myself I should use more colour and expand my palette beyond grungy brown and grey.  I admire the way Fauvist painters like Andre Derain use colour, but whatever colours I use generally end up transformed into shades of brown and grey.  This project, I think, is quite colourful yet still looks plausibly organic.  

There's still a lot of brown and grey here.  The creature's underside and the tops of its fins are finished with a wash of diluted white paint, and the result is a pale, sickly, somewhat unpleasant grey effect.  I like it.

I really enjoyed this sculpt, and I think Propnomicon may have got me hooked on extra-dimensional specimens.  I may have to make another of these.