A bit more harpy face

Last time I blogged about the harpy, it needed more work to sculpt the nose and brow ridges.  Now, I'm a lot happier with it.  I like the low forehead and the nose, while not a traditional nose, is certainly eye-catching.  This nose shape results from me taking the idea of bird nostrils and squidging them around to fit where the nose would be on a human.  In fact the main impetus for doing this project was to see how I could make a bird face and a human face fit together.  So far, the result is gratifyingly unpleasant.

I'm also giving the harpy bird-like ears without much in the way of external ear flaps.  In this photo, you can see the fold of paper that will eventually be an ear.  It was wet when I took the photo and needed to dry before I could work on it again.

When you work with tissue and glue the key to success is patience.  Do a bit, wait for it to dry, do a bit more.  It's a slow process, but the results can be very worthwhile.