Tentacles just aren't the same without suckers

You can see here that the tentacles with suckers look much better than the tentacles without.

Don't worry about the book.  The beast from beyond is quite dry in these photos.

These little paper mache suckers are surprisingly easy to make.  All they require is a small ball of paper pulp, pushed into place with a stylus.  The stylus creates a round indentation in the center of the sucker.  This is a technique that could be done with clay, but on the whole I think paper pulp gives a better effect.  The paper pulp squishes unevenly into irregular, organic-looking shapes that you don't get with clay unless you put in a lot of sculpting effort.

I'm not sure what the stylus was originally designed for, but I'd guess it wasn't this.

When I paint the tentacles, I'll do it in a way that accentuates the suckers.

A nice atmospheric shot.