Right, now where were we?

Oh yes: the Beast from Beyond.  I haven't forgotten it or lost interest, I've just been making a new winter jacket.  A couple of years ago I made a very nice black and white one, but since then I've gone from 18 inches across the shoulders to a good 20, and it doesn't fit anymore.  It's not unusual for people in my family to grow right through their twenties, but the amount of growth can be surprising. 

Yesterday I finished making fins along the side of the beast.  I was vaguely thinking about cuttlefish, and also these deep sea tube worms, which live around the methane seeps off the east coast.  I thought fins would be a fun idea to play with.  This is the finished product,  
and I don't think it's at all bad.

I've made the fins by gluing strips of paper along the critter's side and plastering over these with paper mache.  It's a slow process, because the fins are very fragile when wet.  I found icould only do a small amount of shaping at a time, and would then have to leave the project to dry before I did any more.  But by using this method I was able to make delicate, fragile-looking fins that ripple nicely.  Next time, I'll paint the project.

Partially completed fins