Propnomicon throws down the gauntlet

..and I gleefully accept the challenge, because since when have I needed much encouragement to make something horrible?

Lately, Propnomicon has been running a series on props inspired by the para-dimensional life forms in H.P. Lovecraft's story From Beyond (which you can read here).  Propnomicon's sculptures are sold through Ebay, and in the most recent post he challenged his readers to make our own nightmares from beyond the realm of ordinary human perception.

From Beyond isn't necessarily my favourite Lovecraft story, but it's definitely one of my favourite Lovecraft concepts, and I love what Propnomicon has been doing with it.  Propnomicon's sculptures are inspired by deep-sea worms.  Myself, I'm leaning more towards anomalocaris, but the head end is turning out a lot like a cephalopod.

Obviously, it will be painted once I've put the tail on.  It won't always be so white and boring.  I started with a mental picture of a scale worm and then just had a bit of fun with it, and then I added some tentacles because when I think of extradimensional horrors I think of tentacles, thanks to Terry Pratchett.  I contemplated not putting any eyes on the creature, but then I remembered that in From Beyond Tillinghast says the creatures are able to see.  These eyes are made from glass beads.