Look at my trophy head!

After a disgraceful amount of procrastinating and general laziness, I finally have the trophy head painted, mounted, and hanging on the wall.

I have yet to find a good source of wall plaques for mounting taxidermy, so I cheated and used a bread board.  I think it works okay.

In the end I spent several hours fiddling with the colour inside the mouth, but I'm pleased I took the time and I'm happy with the result.  It has a nice, organic feel and it works well with the outside of the face because I've used the same base colour.  Yes, it needs to look like the inside of a mouth, but it also needs to blend into the rest of the skin around the edges of the mouth.  

I'm also pleased with the skin colour.  Now that I've lacquered the head those bright blue-green streaks have come up nicely, and they look good with the white markings.