Yes, I'm procrastinating

I admit it, the reason I haven't posted in a while is that I've stalled on the trophy head.  I've been avoiding painting it.  I'm not especially good at painting, and I don't particularly enjoy it because I know there's a better than average chance I will screw it up.  In this respect, my major problem is the size of the head.  It's quite large, and therefore it will be easy to see where I screw up on the paintwork.

Currently I've got a reasonably nice base coat on it, but I can't just leave it there and call it a day.  All that grey-brown is boring and it needs to be livened up with some interesting details.  Ideally, those details will work with the skin texture and enhance the textural effect.  Problem is, that's well beyond my level of competence.

The base coat.  Okay, but a little boring.

I'd like to do something a bit similar to this delightfully camouflaged plesiosaur from All Yesterdays, but in shades of blue and green.

Image via the Daily Mail

Most aquatic animals are lighter on the underside to help camouflage them, so with the aid of a foam brush and my fingers I've added some lighter colour to the throat and underneath the jaws.  So far so good.