Reconstructing the face of Crystal Head Vodka

The genius behind this project is forensic artist Nigel Cockerton.  It first came to my attention when my friend posted a link on me Facebook timeline, and I wanted to share it here because it is just that cool.

Crystal Head Vodka Facial Reconstruction
Picture via Geekosystem.

To read a bit more about the project and see some photos of the sculpture in progress, see here.  Nigel is based in Scotland, at the University of Dundee.

I'm not sure if the bottle is based on a real person's skull.  I also don't know if the happy facial expression is a result of the reconstruction process, or if Nigel deliberately applied the muscles in such a way as to make it look happy.  I have a bottle of this stuff at home, and I can assure you it makes me happy.  It's very good vodka.