Lentils: not just a food product

In my opinion lentils are not a food product at all.  I don't eat lentils, because I had some very bad experiences with them when I was a kid.  However, they do make an excellent texture effect.

What I've done here is to take some dried lentils and glue them onto the head.  Then I've covered them in tissue and lots more glue.  This causes the bumpy, knobbly skin you can see around the gill plates.  Remember all that time I spent making hundreds of individual scales when I was working on the Glykon project?  Yeah, won't be doing that again.  Lentils all the way from now on. 

I've left the gill plates fairly smooth, but I may put a few scattered bumps on them later to mirror the main skin texture.

A close up of the skin.  Pretty cool, huh?

And speaking of gill plates, here's what I've done with the inside of them.  These gills are very losely based on horseshoe crab gills, but the important word in that sentence really is "loosely".