Ooh! I have a great idea!

Pharyngeal teeth!  Check it:

I first discovered the magic of pharyngeal jaws via the Alien franchise, as I suspect most people do.  But in fact pharyngeal jaws are a thing, because biology is just that awesome.  In 2007 Dr. Rita Mehta discovered that the moray eel comes equipped with a second set of jaws just like Giger's xenomorphs have.

Pharyngeal jaws of varying complexity are common in fish - even the goldfish has 'em - but they're not usually as mobile as those of the moray eel.  

So anyways, I decided my trophy head would be improved by the addition of pharyngeal teeth.  I made some teeth based on cypriniform pharyngeal teeth and modified the gill arches to accommodate them.  This, actually, is one of the reasons I like to work with paper mache.  Major design changes halfway through the build require only a box cutter.