Getting a pewter effect with Sculpt Nouveau

Last time I posted I was using silver Sculpt Nouveau and not particularly liking the results.  I had another go with the stuff, and this time I'm a lot happier with it.  I've photographed it without a flash, because I think the surface details show up better that way, and with a flash, because that shows the dull, pewter-type luster that it has.

Without flash

With flash

This is the effect I was aiming for in the first place.  I've achieved it by applying a thick coating of silver Sculpt Nouveau, then rubbing black wax into the surface.  Metal waxes protect the metal surface, and different coloured ones can do a great job of enhancing surface details.   There are specially formulated waxes designed for sculptural work, but that's not what I used in this case.  Because you know what else is black and waxy?  Shoe polish, that's what.