Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The dragon's heart

Here's the heart of my dragon, along with its lungs and the air sac that sits behind the trachea (there will be seven air sacs, as in a bird).  Next time, I'll explain about the air sacs and how I get around the problem of simulating membranes with paper mache.

Photographed in my hand to show size.

Usually I use a lot more Payne's grey for corrosion cast blood vessels, but in this case I've used mainly cadmium red so they'll stand out in the dark chest cavity.  I have cheated a bit with the blood vessels; as you can see they're modelled off a human circulatory system, not an avian one.  I didn't have a good anatomical diagram showing how a bird's heart and lungs are connected, so I figured that since birds have a four-chambered heart like humans the plumbing system couldn't be all that different. 

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