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I've been desperate to get my hands on some Sculpt Nouveau for a while now.  I've had trouble finding a supplier because no one in New Zealand seems to stock it.  In the end I ordered some from in Australia.  If you're in the Antipodes, I highly recommend Barnes.  The customer service is fantastic, the prices are very competitive, and my stuff arrived the day after I ordered it.

The great thing about Barnes is that they're a specialist sculpting supplies store.  I get sculpting supplies from all kinds of places, but there are some products that only a specialist store will stock.  Barnes has a good selection of all these items, and the staff will be happy to answer any queries you have.  They know their products.  In fact, the website actually gives you a brief description of each product, complete with information on the item's properties and the sort of applications it's most suitable for. 

Next to the awesome customer service, the product descriptions are my favourite thing about Barnes.  You can select stiff clays, or soft clays, or waxy clays, and decide whether you want polyester resin or acrylic resin or epoxy resin, all by simply reading the product description.  This means you can buy with confidence, because you know what you're getting.

So what did I buy?  Um, well, quite a lot actually, but let's take a look at the Sculpt Nouveau.

Sculpt Nouveau in brass, bronze, and silver formulations.  $17.60 each from 


Sculpt Nouveau isn't exactly a paint, and it isn't exactly a metal plating product.  It's a composite material made by suspending metal particles in a binder medium.  Some formulations dry hard enough to be polished with a grinder, and all are waterproof when they dry.  You simply apply it like a paint, and when it dries you have a metal surface that you can burnish and patina just like any other metal surface because, and this is the mindblowingly cool bit, it is a metal surface.