I finished the dragon wings

Here's a close up of the final texture on the wing membrane.

As you can see, the wing texture is much improved since the last time I posted photos!  I didn't like the small raised bumps in the surface of the paper; they were too regular, too round, and looked fake.  Now the wings have a wrinkly, organic texture that looks like crumpled skin.  I got this texture by simply adding layers of my favourite paper sculpting material, toilet paper.  Similarly, I've given the skin on the fingers more texture by applying - you guessed it - toilet paper.  I tend to apply the pieces of paper to the sculpture and paint glue onto them, otherwise the paper just disintegrates.

Here's another close up of the wing texture.  I've also used paper to shape and define the knuckle joints on the fingers, particularly the long third finger that supports the wing.