Dragon drumsticks

Having finished my dragon's wings, I'm now getting started on the legs.  At this stage they're just the basic shapes of legs made out of paper and wire, with some little claws on wire toes.  They don't look much like toes yet, but they will.  Since this is an avian dragon and its body plan is based on theropods like gigantoraptor, I have the perfect excuse to give it a set of raptor claws.  Excellent!

For sculptures in this sort of size range I find paper pulp is the most durable material for making the little claws.  Polymer clays and air dry clays are too brittle and tend to break.  Ceramic would probably give great results, but I don't have a kiln and I doubt it would have the same tensile strength as celulose fibre anyway.

Here's a good shot of the half-finished feet.