Paper mache devil horns: finished

My costume devil horns are all finished and painted.  I’ve used a mixture of ultramarine blue, raw umber, and burnt sienna, which I then covered with a black wash and a coat of polyurethane.  This means that the horns are water resistant.  They aren’t totally waterproof and I won’t be going swimming with them, but if they get rained on a wee bit it won’t be a problem.  This is an important consideration during a New Zealand spring.

I've got horns!  Being made of paper they weigh almost nothing so they're nice and comfortable.

There are a number of ways you can wear horns like these.  You can glue them to a headband, thread them on a piece of elastic, stick them on a bandana – whatever works for you.  Because they’re made of paper mache they weigh very little, which makes them comfortable to wear and helps to ensure they won’t fall off unexpectedly.

Here's the finished pair of horns

This pair of horns was essentially a prototype, and I think they’ve been very successful.  They cost nothing to make since I already had the materials at home, took as much time to make as it’d take me to drive to the costume store and back (drying time doesn’t count because I just get on with something else while a project is drying), and best of all they look totally badass.  Result!