Paper mache devil horns: the armature

Devil horns are a Halloween costume staple, but this year I want to take the concept to another level.  I want to make a pair of horns that goes above and beyond the typical cheap plastic pair and really kicks some ass.

I’m using rams’ horns as a model, and I’ll be making them out of paper mache.  This will make them lightweight, cheap, and easy to make.  I’ll post the whole process as a tutorial so that if you feel inclined you can make your own at home.

Ram's horn armatures, all ready to be given a nice ram's horn texture

I’ve started with two armatures made from tinfoil, and covered them with glued paper strips to give them a bit more strength.  At this point they’re more or less the right shape, but lack the texture they need to really look like horns.  I’ll talk about that next time.