Mummified Cthulhu

I haven't made much progress on my Halloween costume projects over the last couple of days because a) the weather in Wellington is so foul at the moment that I can't get anything to dry, and b) I'm not actually in Wellington right now.   I'm on holiday in Brisbane.  Don't worry though, I have a schedule of blog posts to keep you entertained while I'm out of town.  I won't be neglecting the Countdown! 

This is an idea that I played around with ages ago and didn't post for some reason.  I love mummified things and I love H. P. Lovecraft, so it just made sense to make a mummified Cthulhu (after all, if you can get Hello Kitty Cthulhu then why on earth not?).

A view from the back

In profile

Another profile shot

I'm particularly pleased with the colours on this sculpt.  The green-brown tones are very effective.  I used a resist medium to get the colours looking like that, and I think it worked very well, as you can see in the top photo of the sculpture's back.