Happy Halloween 2013!

Well, it's that time of year again.  Have a great time everyone!  I plan to.

Here's a fairly decent photo of me with my paper mache horns:

Very metal!

Slightly less of a success was the hallucination dress I made to go with the horns.  I need to do some more painting on it, but I can do that.  Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to hiring models so you get to see another pic of my ugly mug:

Not a good photo, but actually the best one I could get.  It took me an hour even to manage this one so don't complain.

The black outer skirt hangs closed over the painting and shows bits of it when I move, and that works okay with the horns.  I guess it's not a total disaster.  Me wearing a dress is certainly scary and that's what Halloween is all about.