Finally, some progress on my friend's mask

Right, let’s get back to that Baphomet mask on my to-do list.  I’ve done the skull, and I’m now adding some facial details.  And some corrosion cast veins, mustn’t forget those!

The veins are looking pretty good.

The jaw bone and horns were a bit tricky because they’re weak points in the mask until the paper pulp dries.  Once the paper pulp dries it’s actually pretty strong, but until then the horns were inclined to fall off when I picked it up to work on it.  But I went at it armed with masking tape and my choicest selection of Anglo Saxon expletives, and I’m rather happy with the result.  I like how the skin is moulded around the base of the horns.  These horns are made the same way as my own costume horns, which were the prototype for the mask’s horns.

Because the mask is built over a mould of my friend’s face, I already had facial features to work with.  I mainly used paper pulp to accentuate the shape that was already there.

Here it is drying out in front of the window.