I finished my dragon head

The dragon head in profile, complete with spiky little mohawk.

My beaky dragon head is heavily based on a gigantoraptor skull, without feathers.  Gigantoraptor didn’t have teeth, so it most likely had a beak like a modern bird.  We don’t know for sure whether it was feathery, but I’m the right age to have happily nostalgic memories of how raptors looked back in the day when we didn’t realise they had feathers, and it was probably inevitable that my childhood fascination with them would work its way through to this blog at some point.  The thing is, theropods are even cooler and more interesting now that we know just how very weird they were (though I have to admit they’re a lot less scary-looking with feathers – I mean look at this little guy, it looks too cute and fuzzy and cuddly to make a good movie antagonist). 

One of the fun things about gigantoraptor is that we don’t know if it had a crest or anything like that on its head.  I took that as carte blanche to add some little horns.  I really like the horns.  They make it look like it has a mohawk, and I think they give the head some personality.  

Here's what the dragon head looks like from the top.  You can see all the bumps and texture in the skin, even though it isn't painted yet.