Sunday, 8 September 2013

Beaks and eyes

Maybe a dragon that evolved from dinosaurs might look like a bird in some ways.  I don’t think it would have feathers - dragons are always scaly in stories and I’m waaaay too lazy to put feathers on this thing - but it might have a beak a bit like a bird.  The beaky head idea is one I really want to try, so I made up a beak using an old train ticket and some paper clay.  As a nod to the more conventional depictions of dragons with teeth, I made the beak slightly serrated.  It doesn't look like much yet, and this might not be the final colour of the beak, but I think this beak idea might turn out to be interesting.

In fact the idea of a beak on a dragon isn’t all that revolutionary.  Medieval beasties like the basilisk and the cockatrice, which broadly fall under the category of dragons, were often depicted with beaks.

Now, some of Fragonard’s models have false eyes.  I want to try this approach.  I thought of doing this with the anatomist’s head, but decided there was already so much going on with that head (what with the cut away teeth and the corrosion casting and the horns and everything) that doing all that and false eyes would be overkill.  With the dragon, however, I think eyes should be okay.  Taxidermists’ eyes always give great results, so I made some taxidermist style eyes with acrylic domes and paint.

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