My anatomist's head is all finished

Here it is, folks.

And in close up:

From the other side:

I'm very fond of the four horns.  This is something I think worked very well on this project.  My inspiration for this concept was these four-horned Hebridean sheep.

Here's the face from the front:

And the back of the head with all those nice corrosion cast veins:

The shiny surface is due to polyurethane.  I'm not usually a fan of shiny lacquer on my projects, but a mummified anatomist's specimen would be shellacked to protect it and would therefore have a varnished appearance.  I'll have a think about the polyurethane over the next few days, and possibly change the finish texture if I decide I hate it.  But I don't think I do hate it.  I think I'm just not used to making something shiny.