Ever done this with an armature?

The unprepossessing lump hanging from the eland horn there is on its way to becoming a preserved head.  The armature is a simple arrangement of plastic supermarket bags screwed up into a ball and coated with paper mache, the way schoolkids sometimes paper mache balloons.  I left one of the bag handles sticking out, which is something I do quite often because it means I can hang the project up out of the way to dry, as seen in the photo.  Obviously if it was likely to drip I would hang it outside on the clothes line.

My eland horns are very useful for drying things,  because they're quite high up on the wall.  As we all know heat rises, meaning that whenever you heat a room most of the warmth stays just underneath the ceiling doing nothing.  Not on my watch.  In my house, that heat gets put to use.  I currently have a zombie hand drying on top of my fire too.  The aluminum foil stops it burning.