Public transport design scribbles

UPDATE: you can see me make a start on the project here.

Remember how I talked about entering my local council's public transport art competition?  Yeah, I forgot all about that too.  In my defense I have just been made redundant, so I have a lot on my mind.  But I did put a bit of thought into this and came up with some ideas that might look nice on a train carriage.

The council thoughtfully provided train templates for me to draw ideas on.

I think train tracks will be an important design element, because they offer lots of opportunities to screw around with perspective.

The council clearly expects to get pictures.  After all, the winning entry will be painted on a train carriage.  But I'll be making a kind of bas relief on the template and then photographing it.  I'll be sending in the photograph for my entry.  This will give my entry the appearance of three dimensions even when it's viewed as a flat photograph.

I don't know if I'll get this project finished, my life being what it is at the moment, but I'd like to do it and I'll give it a shot.