Du-Kit review

I bought some Du-Kit recently for the purpose of making faux ivory.  I haven't worked with it before, so I thought I'd review it and let you know if you should consider getting Du-Kit next time you buy polymer clay. 

Four packets of Du-Kit: white, translucent, yellow and stone (the greyish beige one)

Du-Kit is a brand of polymer clay much like FIMO or Sculpey.  Here in New Zealand it's usually cheaper than other polymer clays, because it's manufactured here and retailers don't have to pay import costs.  Other than that, it's basically the same product.  

However, Du-Kit does have some unique features.  For starters, it seems to bake quite hard compared to other clays.  It's a stiff clay; it takes a fair bit of effort to condition it and it keeps its shape well while you're working with it, which I like.  But more importantly, the translucent colour available in the Du-Kit range is probably the best translucent polymer clay I've come across.  If you've worked with translucent Sculpey, you know that it has a kind of beige tint to it.  Du-Kit translucent clay really is translucent.

Du-Kit doesn't seem to burn in the oven the way Sculpey does, and that could be either good or bad depending on the effect you want.  I suspect you could burn Du-Kit if you put your mind to it, but you won't do it by accident.  Sculpey, on the other hand, burns easily even when you don't intend to burn it.

So in conclusion I'm very happy with my Du-Kit and highly recommend it.  If you're in New Zealand and would like to buy some, I suggest you go to Hobby Bazaar.  Their prices are good and so are their delivery times.