Adventures in bas relief

Well, I made a start on it.  I'm definitely doing a bas relief in paper on the subject of "what public transport means to me".  I scaled up the template the council provided and drew it out on paper.  It's about six inches high and nearly four feet long.  It's not an ideal shaped space to work in, as it's basically a frieze with blank bits where the train's doors and windows go.  However, I'm fairly happy with how it's shaping up so far.

I read on the train.  A lot of people do.  This gave me the idea to use newspaper for the relief.  I've painted the newspaper train tracks, but I've allowed the text to show through, so it's still possible to see the text if you look hard.  The stones in around the track are made of unpainted, balled up newspaper.  I'm very pleased with these stones.  I like the colour and texture that they have.  I'm also very pleased with the flax leaves at the bottom right.  They're just paper painted green, but they curl nicely and have a stiff texture that's very much like flax.