Why must public transport always spoil my fun?

Like many Wellingtonians I work in the central city, where the scarcity and prohibitive cost of parking forces me to rely on public transport.  Yesterday, while flicking through the monthly leaflet that Tranzmetro uses to publish its latest unlikely excuses, I saw the following:
I thought I might submit an entry.
Wellington public transport has a bit of a PR problem.  Specifically, the problem is that people talk to other people about their experiences with public transport.  I'm under no illusion that my, shall we say, individualistic style is what the council is looking for to promote their sub-par "service", but the entries will be posted on Facebook where I am confident I could at least get a respectable share of the public vote.
But when I downloaded the entry form I discovered the admission criteria, buried in the small print at the bottom of the page.

"We need to get a marketing firm to do an advertising campaign, but then we saw their prices so we thought we'd get some sucker to do it for free."

Of course the council doesn't actually want to know what public transport means to me, but this is even more blatant than I'd expected.  Still, if I were clever I could probably fly under the censors' radar.  My previous experience with the council suggests I may not even need to be all that subtle.  I'll put some thought into this...