Designing for public transport is tricky

Yes, I definitely think I will submit an entry for the Wellington public transport unpaid advertising job art contest, as discussed last time on Seditiosus.  Getting started is quite easy.  The council has thoughtfully provided scaled templates to show which parts of the carriage/bus/ferry can be painted and which can't.  You can choose a train carriage, bus, or ferry according to preference.  I'm going with the Tranzmetro train carriage, since that's the form of transport I use.
Actually designing something is a lot harder.  As you can see, the train carriage is not an ideal work surface.  Between the doors and the large windows there really isn't a hell of a lot of space to use, and what space there is is broken up.  However I have thought about some elements I want to put in there:
  • Train tracks - railway lines offer so many opportunities to screw around with perspective
  • Ferns and assorted plants
  • Rocks
  • Some abstract stuff, probably modelled on plant cells

The train line that connects my suburb with the city center mostly runs through cuttings and along the sides of hills.  There's vegetation everywhere.  It's actually quite scenic if you like that sort of thing (I do), and that's what I want my design to reflect.  It's the nicest thing about my daily train experience and it will offer plenty of opportunity for texture.