A shout out to an artist I really like

Amy Eisenfeld Genser is a paper artist based in Conneticut who uses colour and texture to create surreal reef-like structures.  They're not quite sculptures, and they're not quite paintings; they're a fascinating combination of both.  Amy uses canvass or wood as a base for her work, and one of my favourite things about her work is the way the paper structure wraps around the edges of the canvass.
Mineral Yellow by Amy Genser
Mineral Yellow, by Amy Eisenfeld Genser
I particularly like Mineral Yellow because of the way the colours highlight the different textures in the piece.  Amy uses a lot of bright colours, and she's clever with them.  The following picture is Mineral Turqoise, which uses colour to give a fantastic sensation of depth.  Most of the colours here are blues and greens, but there are also some subtle pinks and yellows.  These highlight the overall colour scheme and make it more vibrant than it would be otherwise.
Mineral Turqoise by Amy Genser
Mineral Torqoise, by Amy Eisenfeld Genser

Amy's work makes me want to explore colour more in my own work, but she also does some very nice monochrome art.  And when she uses neutral colours the texture in her work becomes even more apparent.
White Undulation, by Amy Eisenfeld Genser