Putting Sculpey teeth in a mouth

Normally I add paint after I finish my sculptures, but a mouth with Sculpey teeth in it is one of those things that are best done in layers.  This is because it's impossible to paint inside a finished mouth without also painting the teeth, some of which sit right next to the lips.  Working from the inside out sidesteps this problem entirely.

First up, I paint the gums and inside the mouth.  Then, I use painted tissue to build up the inside of the cheeks and lips.

After that, the lips need to be given some shape from the outside, and I have to make eyes and nostrils.  In this case, I do so by cutting holes in the head and building up flesh around them, so it looks like they are real orifices.  Here's a delightful photo of me making nostrils with a gimlet.  Those rings that look like a big pair of glasses are there to mark out where the eyesockets will be.

Remember folks, the gimlet is your friend.