Glykon's teeth

Sculpting a head is my reward for persevering with all those tedious scales.  The head is always my favourite thing to sculpt, because that's where most of the personality is.  When I start these things I know roughly what they will look like, but I don't know exactly how all the small details will shape up, and getting a sense of personality is all about the tiny details. 

I also enjoy making teeth.  Glykon now has jaws and a full set of teeth.  There are not quite as many as you get in a human mouth, because I ran out of room.  No matter; the molars will be inside the finished mouth anyway.

The teeth are made individually and glued to the jaw with Selleys' All Fix, a great product which I highly recommend.  Unlike super glue, All Fix is a stiff paste that allows you to position your teeth and wiggle them around before it sets.  The stuff is thick enough that it'll hold them in position all by itself until it dries.

I'm very happy with the colour of these teeth, which are made from translucent Sculpey that's been baked for five minutes longer (and a few degrees hotter) than the packet recommends.  If you're familiar with Sculpey you probably know the lighter colours can burn if you're not careful when you bake them; this is what it looks like when that happens.  Just perfect for old, slightly yellowy teeth!  You can also paint Sculpey after baking, but for my money this is the best way to get that authentic discoloured look.

As you can see, I paint inside the mouth as I go along.  It makes life so much easier.