Glykon's head

The last couple of posts have been a detour into the exciting world of home furnishings, but don't worry - I haven't forgotten about Glykon.  I typically have several projects on the go at once because of the drying times involved, and because I have a short attention span.

Here's how Glykon looks now

Last time I posted about Glykon, he looked like he was wearing glasses.  I've built up those small ridges around the eyes to make eyesockets and cheekbones, and rounded out the jaw where it meets the head.  I've then pasted tissue on top to form the skin.  Here's a close up of me adding skin over top of the structure:

The pebbly scales from the body have been carried up onto the head, and I've made ear holes using the gimlet.  They have a little fold of tissue around them, but I really wanted Glykon's ears to look reptilian, so I didn't make human-type ears.  To me the shape suggests a human ear, but looks vestigial - maybe like it was trying to be a human ear and didn't quite make it.