I have a logistical challenge

The latest challenge in my ongoing series of apocalypse party masks is making a mask for a friend who wears glasses.  In the last post I showed you the concept sketch and the artwork that inspired it.  I'm happy with the concept, he says (possibly unwisely) that he doesn't mind what I do, so I'm good to go.  The difficulty here is how to get around his glasses.  The guy needs his glasses to see with, and he has some complicated eye problems that mean contacts aren't really an option.  Either the mask goes over the glasses, or the glasses go over the mask.

The glasses won't fit over the mask.
My solution to this problem is to fit the mask over his head like a helmet, so that the face part hangs down in front of the glasses.  This is where the sturdy crown/hat arrangement you see in the concept sketch will come in quite handy.

All my masks start out with a piece of aluminium foil moulded over the user's face.  In this case, it's moulded over the head as well.

Here's the front:

And here's the side:

Everything else will be built over top of this aluminium structure.