More things I really like

Today's theme is skulls.  Lots and lots of skulls.  Halloween may be over, but the Mayan apocalypse is just around the corner, as the conspiracy theorist in your life has no doubt already informed you.  In honour of the event I'm having a Mayan themed party and have invented a special chocolate-chili cocktail that promises to have truly apocalyptic after-effects.  Mayan art strongly appeals to me (it's the skulls, in case you hadn't figured that out yet), so this is a great opportunity to dress up in kick-ass costumes while demolishing the aforementioned cocktails of doom.

Here's a skeletal underworld god:

Image from the Dresden Codex, by way of Wikipedia

Here's a skull covered in torquoise mosaic:

Image from Realms of Chirak

This little guy is my favourite.  There's just something about the idea of a skull with eyes.

Image from Frontiers of Anthropology

I definitely have to do something with the skull-with-eyeballs theme.  Watch this space.